Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chinese Gardens

Finally after being sick I am able to get these photos up. Thanks Bobbie for understanding and waiting an extra week to get your photos. Having an pneumonia is no fun. I had so much fun doing your photos and always love going to the gardens. I am so glad I was able to take your pictures again. Hope we can meet up once were in North Carolina. I wish you guys the best with your PCS.....

Speaking of PCSing I will be leaving island in August. After being on island for almost 6 years we will finally say goodbye to Okinawa. I don't want to leave but what can you do? It's the military life, it's what we do. Meet great people, love the area your in and then move and do it all over again. Right now I am not taking anymore sessions. I am giving recommendations for photographers if anyone is interested.

I love these shots, they came out so cute! Bobbie great idea bringing the fan!
Isn't he just adorable!

As you can see someone wasn't into this very much. lol. I still loved his expression.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Medina Couple

I've lived here almost 6 years and in that time I've never once felt worried about the security of my belongings. This shoot had me think twice about that. Here I am off on the beach getting dirty in the sand taking photos of this great couple, paying no attention to my camera bag, or even the belongings of my clients. We get done with our shots and Beba can't find her sweater. Someone walked right up to her things and took it right off of her purse. What doesn't make sense to any of us is there was a purse and my camera bag sitting right there and the person takes the sweater. Thank goodness that's all that was taken. Made us think real good about leaving our things unattended. It's one shoot I won't forget. Sorry Beba about your sweater. :( I hope you enjoy your photos, I loved working with you and your husband. He had me cracking up.