Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Avery, Shaunta, and Joshua

A sneak peak for this fun bunch. We were all so bummed because the weather turned on us. The morning was beautiful and then of course right when it's time for photos the clouds come out and the blue sky disappears. Bummer :( We did have fun despite the weather.

More to come so keep an eye out......

Monday, January 18, 2010

30 Days in Washington

I'm back after a long needed vacation to the states. My family and I had a wonderful trip to Washington State seeing family and friends. We did so much and I thought I would share some of the things we did. Despite it raining all the time we did manage to get out and see the zoo, animal park, Mt. Saint Helens (sledding too) can't forget Chucky Cheese. I did a lot of shopping ( Gotta love Wal-Mart and Target the mall too) Oh do I miss those places. We went out to eat a lot (yum yum... Outback, and blizzards from DQ. We only have 8 months left in Okinawa, then it's back to the real world. Now that I am back it's back to business. Look forward to this new year and meeting new families and seeing old ones too.
My little sister Kenna and her new husband Josh asked me to take photos of them before I headed back home to Okinawa. It was so hard getting them in for a shoot because as most know Washington State is known for rain. While we were home for the 30 days we had maybe 5 days it didn't rain. I am so glad I got them in even though it was around their apartment complex.

Right before we left my sister found out she was pregnant. I am super excited for them. I wish them the best and can't wait to meet the little one and take pictures of my little niece or nephew. I love and miss you guys! You two are so cute together!

The Olympic Game Farm was definitely one of the exciting adventures we went on while we were in Washington. This is one of those parks where you drive around in your car and the animals come to your vehicle and you feed them bread. Wow were we in for a surprise. We had Lamas practically in our vehicle, deer running after the car, Bears (which were behind electrical fences) doing tricks for us, and of course we had Buffalo's that were as big as our car sticking their heads in the windows. I can't even name all of the animals we saw but the kids had such a good time and it was so funny seeing how these animals work with people around feeding them. This is one spot we will have to go back to when we go home to visit.

My favorite shot of Mt. Saint Helens.

My family with the beautiful view of Mt. Saint Helens in the background.

Snow Angel

This was the first time for both of my sons in the snow. They had so much fun with their cousin Mason.
A little play time at the zoo.