Friday, June 26, 2009

The Valdez Family

I had such a good time with this couple and their little Yorkie Jake. They really are so sweet and such a cute couple. You can really see how much they love each other, and of course Jake!

Jake has an interseting story of how she got her name. When Jake's owner (Dominique) went to the pet store to look for a Yorkie she found a male Yorkie she really wanted. From the moment she meet her Yorkie she decided to name him Jake and visited him all the time! Dominique and her husband lived in the towers and weren't able to have a pet. So until she moved she couldn't buy Jake. The day she finally moved and went to buy Jake another family bought him right in front of her. She was bummed out but there was still hope, she was told that another Yorkie was coming in but it was a female. They really wanted a male but was okay with a female. From then on Dominique and her husband kept the name Jake.

I love this photo of Dominique, she's a natural beauty! Very photogenic too.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

You can really see how much they love each other in this photo!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Scott Family...

I have so much fun with these two sweet little boys. I first meet them a year ago when they turned 1. I was so happy when I got an e-mail to photograph them again before they left island. Now 2 they are even more full of energy and cute as ever.

Love his face! He seems so sad but he really had a fun time.

I could get only one of the boys in the bucket. Mom, dad, and I tried everything to get him in but he didn't want to. But this didn't last long it was in and out.....

The Scott family is super sweet and mom and dad are such good parents. I wish them the best!

Euqy Drum's Maternity Shoot

Euqy e-mailed me hoping to get a shoot in before she went into labor. Good news is we got the shoot in but bad news is she still hasn't had the little guy yet. She has been at 3cm forever and was told she would most likely go into labor before our shoot. I saw her yesterday (June 18th) still no baby. Hope she has him soon!

I love this photo of Euqy she's so beautiful and great at posing.

Isn't he adorable! He has such the personality too....

Having fun with dad.
He's going to be a good brother and I can tell a big helper too!

Patrick, Georgie, Mom and Dad....

After many cancellations and a attempt to shoot (Poor Georgie was sick) I finally get some good shots of the family. I took the photos awhile back while dad was away, then had the chance to do another session with dad back. I had a good time and I think the boys did too (fake fishing).

I love Georgie's smile!

Dog pile on dad

Patrick was a easy one to take photos of. He's at the age where he likes to pose. Handsome too!

The boys fake fishing! I have poles and fake fish too! Kids love it!

This was the day when we attempted the first shoot and Georgie wasn't feeling good.