Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fox Family

I had such a good time with the Fox family they are so nice and a lot of fun. Thanks guys for a great evening.

What a handsome boy Sean is.
Eryn is the cutest.

The Partridge Family

This family and I go way back. I knew the Partridge's from Camp Pendleton when their oldest Savanah went to the daycare I worked at. She was about 6 weeks I believe when I met her. Now look at her, she has grown so much. Now Savanah is a big sister to baby Serenity. No better way to celebrate then to do some photos. Despite the heat we had a good time and got some really nice candid shots.

Baby Serenity..... She is so precious!

I just love these two they are so cute together!

Serenity was not feeling the basket. It took a ton of trys to get her happy.

Big sister Savanah. I hear she's such a big helper with her baby sister.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Photograph the Photographer (and family)

Since I am the one always behind the camera I don't get many shots of myself and my family. (At least good ones)So a friend of mine who had such a great idea (Kerry Mills) who is also a photographer here on island contacted me to do a photo swap. I was so excited! I finally get a chance to be the one on the other side of the lens, and it was really weird:) Here are some photos of Kerry, her two boys and family. We had a good early morning despite the rain here and there. Thanks so much for an awesome opportunity! Check out Kerry's website and the photos she took of my family.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bridget and Johnathon

This is my favorite. Johnathon is so tall and here Bridget is picking him up. Don't let her size fool you because she did it. Oh and I was a bit freaked out because right behind them was a drop off into the water. Thanks guys I had so much fun.

They were so natural with each other that it made it easy for me to get shots of who they are as a couple.

Designs By Cambria

Cambria contacted me to do some shots for her website. I had a lot of fun seeing all of her costumes, she's so talented. Check out all of her wonderful costumes and hair bows. ....