Thursday, December 10, 2009

Such a bad blogger lately.

I apologize for taking so long getting all the photos up. Life has been so crazy lately. This will be my last post until after the New Year. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Be safe and have fun!

The Savannah Family

These are some of my favorite people. I love this family. They have been so great! I really enjoy having them as neighbors. The kids all play together well and the adults have just as much fun hanging around each other. I love you guys!

Her eyes are gorgeous!
I love this photo of Adreian. It says I am a cool guy all over it.

Another great photo of Alexyss.

This little one is my neighbors daughter and she's the sweetest thing. Also very cute!

Va-va-voom is all I can say!

Paul just got back from a deployment and you can see the love and joy they have for each other. I love this shot. I told Paul to whisper something to Trisha and whatever he told her it was good.

The Day Family

I am so happy my friend Natalie had me do her Christmas photos again this year. It's always fun with this family.

You are too cute Natalie. I love how you are on your toes because Danny is so tall. Very cute!
Amy and Brian did not want to do this. Right about this time they were thinking hurry up take the photo. They were so kind to take it for their mom and dad. Thanks guys for doing this for me! You two are great kids! I mean young adults.

Handsome Brian
Beautiful Amy

I took Christmas photo last year of Brian and it amazes me that in 1 year he has changed so much.
One of my favs.

Natalie you look gorgeous. I love this shot I took of you two.

The Howard Family

Thanks Shelly for contacting me I loved taking photos of you and your special boys in your life.

Such a great looking couple right?
Playtime with dad.
Here the boys are playing and have no idea yet what's behind them. The waves were big and coming in fast.

Giddy-Up brother.
Nothing like mom and her boys!
Having some fun with dad.

Palazzo Family

I love meeting knew families and seeing all the different personalities. The Palazzo family were one of those families you don't forget. They were so loving and so fun to take photos of. I really enjoyed my time with them. Thanks guys for being so much fun!

Kelly and Lou you guys have such a beautiful family and I loved working with you all!

Reagan I love this photo of you. You're so natural and this pose seems to fit your awesome personality.
Thanks Cameron for making me laugh. Your family made taking photos so much fun!

Makayla is such a natural. She made my job really easy.

The Rice Family

I have so much fun with this family, it's too bad they have pcs'd. I photographed the children about a year ago when dad was deployed. It was nice to do the whole family this time. I really enjoyed going to the gardens and capturing some beautiful shots of the whole family.

It isn't always easy getting everyone to look. It took dad to help, thanks!!!!

The oldest of the 3. Very handsome :)


Such a little lady.

Little Mary is such a busy little girl and quit cute too!